How to use professional photography

Employing a professional photographer
for your business is an investment,
and like any other investment in
your business, you want to be sure
that you are achieving the greatest
possible return. So how can you be
sure you’re getting the most
for your money?

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Lucy Kirkman

Hello, I’m Lucy. Welcome to my world!
I provide local (and not so local)
businesses with creative design
and marketing support services. 
We don't speak in other-worldly 
jargon, but will help you translate
your ideas into achievable, effective
promotions to help your
business succeed.

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Lucy Kirkman
Colour matters

Colour is fundamental to our lives;
it can determine our moods,
dictate our choices and have a
powerful yet totally subconscious
effect on our emotions and behaviour. 
Colour psychology is a critical element
of any design process, pivotal to the
success of a product and how it is
received by an audience.

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Lucy Kirkman
Kick start your creativity

Feeling uninspired is frustrating;
when you’re sat staring at a
blank screen or doodling on
the corner of a pad waiting
for inspiration to strike.
For moments like these,
here are a few tips to kick start
your creative thinking.

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Lucy Kirkman