Terms of Service

1. Billing Structure 

RMG Creative will quote for a project before work commences. Quotes may be based on hourly rate, or based on products or services required. On acceptance fo the quotation or body of work to continue, RMG Creative may require part pre-payment before work commences, or part-payment at an agreed milestone in the project. If Client requirements change after the work has been started, RMG Creative will advise of any increased costs in product or services and discuss with the Client how best to proceed.

2. Payment

Balance invoices will be raised on project completion and must be paid within 30 days. VAT is chargeable on all invoices where applicable. Invoice queries must be raised within 5 working days. Late payments may incur additional charges. RMG Creative reserve the right to suspend work on projects if Client accounts are overdue.

3. Scheduling

RMG Creative and the Client will agree a schedule of work on approval of quotation. RMG Creative will always endeavour to achieve Client deadlines and work within Client schedules, but cannot accept responsibility for works not meeting deadlines when the agreed deadlines are not met by the Client. 

4. Approval

RMG Creative will not allow print works, website launch or any other final product delivery until the artwork or project has been approved by the Client. Once approved by the Client, RMG Creative are not liable for errors or omissions of any kind. 

5. Liability

Once the Client has approved artwork and a project has been authorised to print or website launch, in the unlikely event of a technical, specification or supplier issue, RMG Creative will endeavour within reason to rectify the situation to a satisfactory conclusion. 

6. Speculative Work 

RMG Creative is not required to accept work ‘on spec’. Design work will only be undertaken once requirements are agreed and a quotation has been accepted.

7. Confidentiality

RMG Creative acknowledge that projects may require the sharing or use of sensitive or confidential material relating to the Client’s products, vendors, works, strategies, proposals, and other proprietary information, and agree to protect the confidentiality of such materials. If strict confidentiality is required, RMG Creative are happy to sign NDA or other confidentiality agreements.

8. Cancellation

The Client and RMG Creative both understand that services may be terminated at any time if the working relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. All works that have been agreed and approved must be delivered by RMG Creative paid in full by the Client, in accordance with RMG Creative’s payment terms. Work refused by the Client remains ownership of RMG Creative and may not be used by the Client in whole or in part. Work refused after project completion must be paid in full.

9. Ownership and Copyright

Ownership of all design works belong to the Client as soon as invoice payment has been made, from which time the client is then free to use, replicate, edit and distribute designs. RMG Creative retain ownership of printed materials or merchandise product until payment has been made in full. RMG Creative retains the right to use visuals of artwork in a design portfolio, on their company website or for future promotion. The Client accepts full responsibility for copyright ownership of any images, photos, graphics or materials provided to RMG Creative and RMG Creative are not liable to establishing copyright ownership of materials supplied to them by the Client.

10. Unforeseen or Sudden Termination of a Project 

In the unlikely event of illness or accident that prevents RMG Creative from being able to complete a project, RMG Creative will endeavour to find an alternative designer to complete the work on their behalf, and the project will either be billed by RMG Creative on completion or by the new designer, as agreed by the Client. Alternatively, project assets may be handed back to the Client for them to appoint another designer to continue the work, in which case RMG Creative will bill the Client for work done up to that point.

11. Acceptance of Terms 

The Client agrees to pay for agreed services rendered by RMG Creative. By agreeing to a quotation or authorising a body of work to commence, the Client agrees to the Terms of Service.