Kick start your creativity

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Feeling uninspired is frustrating; when you’re sat staring at a blank screen or doodling on the corner of a pad waiting for inspiration to strike. For moments like these, here are a few tips to kick start your creative thinking.

1. Starting anywhere is better than nowhere. Pick up your pen, pound the keyboard, put off the excuses and get writing. Even the barest whisper of an idea can be developed into something meaningful, whereas an empty page will always be blank. Don’t fret if you haven’t sorted that killer intro, if you’ve got an idea for the basic bones then get it down, pronto!

2. Take a step back. Sometimes, taking a break from a task can give your creativity the chance to breathe. Take a walk, listen to music, work on something different for an hour; give your imagination the opportunity to approach things from a different angle. But keep a pen handy because that Eureka moment is sure to strike when you least expect it!

3. Spend time with other creative peeps. Surrounding yourself with other creative minds will encourage you to explore new ideas and consider things that you may not have been influenced by before. Look at what you love and think about how those elements could develop your own ideas into something unique.

4. Get a new view. It might be that you’ve just been staring at the same four walls for too long, so clear your schedule and head out. Re-reading your design brief in a different setting might invoke alternative ideas; go and sit in the park, jot down ideas on the train, swap the studio for the coffee shop and allow your environment to direct your thought process. Who knows what it might suggest.

5. Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad idea. Well okay, that’s not strictly true, but even the worst ideas have the potential to be polished into creative gold. Brainstorm your brief and write down every thought that pops into your head. It may be that a combination of mediocre ideas can be combined to achieve the perfect creative solution!

Lucy Kirkman