Colour matters

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Colour is fundamental to our lives; it can determine our moods, dictate our choices and have a powerful yet totally subconscious effect on our emotions and behaviour. Colour psychology is a critical element of any design process, pivotal to the success of a product and how it is received by an audience.

Here’s a handy run down of colour and the way it makes us feel and respond to design.

Red -  Physical > Used in clearance sales  Energetic, active, passionate, intense.

Red - Physical
> Used in clearance sales
Energetic, active, passionate, intense.

paint stroke_orange.png

Orange - Physical and emotional
> Used for strong call to action
Creative, productive, optimistic, enthusiastic.


Yellow - Emotional
> Used in shops and signs
Youthful, fun, optimistic, cheerful.


Green - Balance
> Used for health and nature
Growth, luck, harmony, balance.


Blue - Intellectual
> Used in travel and finance
Tranquility, sincerity, honesty, escapism.


Purple - Spiritual
> Used in beauty and luxury
Loyalty, wealth, opulence, meditation.


Black - Authority
> Used for direct action
Power, elegance, authority, strength.


White - Simplicity
> Used medical and charity
Innocence, purity, cleanliness, safety.

Lucy Kirkman